Snow Academy

SNOW SPORTS: Ruapehu College students get the opportunity to go up the mountain during throughout the year and particularly during the ski season.

We offer year 9 and 10 ski days every year which gives every student an opportunity to explore the mountain, whether it be on skis, a snowboard or sledding. This is offered at a considerably reduced rate thanks to the subsidising by RAL and the Ruapehu Education Trust.

Students who take senior PE or Outdoor education classes as an option are also given opportunity to be up the Mountain during winter on a weekly basis.

Students at Ruapehu College have the opportunity to participate in the Snow Academy. Students in the snow academy spend one day a week on the mountain recieving coaching and getting the oppertunity to hone their ski or board skills.

Ruapehu College is proud to host both the North Island Secondary Schools Skiing and Snowboarding competitions.

Teacher in charge: Miss Meredith Wilson

Updated June 4, 2019

WARNING: This post is over a year old. Some of the information this contains may be outdated.