Laurenson Trust


The Laurenson Trust, was set up by John and Sue Laurenson. The Trust provides funds to assist the students of Ruapehu College, who because of the isolation of the area are often financially disadvantaged compared to students living in the city.

Both, however, continue their involvement with the Trust, John as Chairperson and Sue as Secretary/Treasurer.

The other Trustees are Steve Mackrell, Deputy Principal; Shelagh Buck, Staff Representative; Community Representative; and Malcolm Haig Co-Ordinator of the North Island Secondary Schools Snowboarding Competition.

The Trust funds have been generated from donations, fundraising and profits from the operation of the North Island Secondary Schools Skiing and Snowboarding competitions. The Trust currently has $250,000 invested and the interest earned on this is used to pay grants.

The Trust provides cash prizes for our top students at prizegiving, sports teams are subsidised 10c per kilometre, students representing the school at the Whanganui Secondary School’s Swimming and Athletics Competitions have their travel cost paid, Year 9 and 10 camps receive a subsidy to reduce the cost to attend, Outdoor Education trips are subsidised and the Year 9 and 10 snow days have the transport paid. Each year there are applications for different trips out of the area and the Trust attempts to support all of these to benefit our students and ensure that the isolation of the Waimarino is less of a barrier.

Students who compete in individual sports and travel outside of the district may also apply for funding from the Trust to help them with these costs. An example of this is Keaton Norling who received $1000 from the Trust in 2017 to help him with the cost of travel to compete in shooting competitions both in New Zealand and overseas.

Application forms are on the Ruapehu College website and these can be completed and emailed to or returned either to the school office or to one of the Trust members. The Trust endeavours to meet once per term.

Laurenson Trust Application Form

Updated May 9, 2023

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