The Ruapehu College Staff


Marama Allen Principal

Deputy Principal

Mr Michael Darmody HOF Technology
Steve Mackrell Physics

Teaching Staff

Marama Allen Principal
Miss Angie Helliwell Physical Education, Mathemamatics
Miss Nicole Jaquiery Textiles, Art
Ms Saskia Brosnan Ag/Horticulture Science
Miss Poppy Dekker HOD Physical Education
Mr David Sims TIC Performing Arts, Year 9 Dean, Year 9 English
Mr Johnny Greene HOD English
Mr KJ Allen Psychology , Senior Dean
Mr Michael Darmody HOF Technology
Mr Warren Saunders TIC Social Sciences Teacher
Mr Raj Prasad HOD Mathematics
Mrs Ann Stuckey HOD Visual Arts, Mathematics
Mrs Maxine Hakaraia Food Technology, Year 10 Dean
Mrs Meredith Wilson HOD Science
Helena Burns SENCO, Design Technology
Steve Mackrell Physics
Mrs Kaushal Goundar Chemistry, Mathematics
Mrs Pikimai Ouknider TIC Te Reo Maori
Abby Morgan Ag Sci, Science, English, Maths
Mr Matthew Laurenson Mathematics

Support Staff

Mrs Sarah Demchy Sport Co-ordinator
Mr Jimmy Edmonds Asset Manager, Caretaker
Mrs Kay Sutton BOT Secretary
Mrs Leba Phillips Gateway, STAR coordinator
Charity Garcia School Counsellor
Mrs Kendall Richards Librarian, Distance Learning Coordinator Volcanics/Te Kura/VC
Mrs Liz Poka Attendance Officer
Mrs Rauna Te Huia Alternative Education
Mrs Wendy Darmody Teacher Aide
Mrs Bubba Wood School Lunches
Christian Te Riaki Canteen, School Lunches
Miss Liana Herewini Teachers Aide
Mr Cristhofer Chamobbo Caretaker
Mr Hansen Ihle Hard Materials Technician
Mrs Rachel Wills Lab Technician
Te Matauranga Muru Canteen, School Lunches

Administration Staff

Mrs Maria Hawira Finance officer
Mrs Kerren Dixon Computer Network
Miss Lara Kumeroa Office Administrator

Updated May 4, 2022

WARNING: This post is over a year old. Some of the information this contains may be outdated.